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Community Safety and Highways Report  for June 2015

Highways Engineer and Highways Steward Claire Chewter has marked up a number of pot holes around the Parish and the requested works have been submitted, she has tried to group them together to get best value form the contractors but they may need short road closures for the repairs to be carried out and this further delays the process.

Faults Reported:

Spenny Lane Fly Tipping: Details of another incident of flytipping in Spenny Lane was reported and then cleared a few days later by the Street Cleansing Team at MBC. This time it was waste from a fencing job somewhere, they tell the householder that they will clear away the rubbish and then just dump it in the lanes! Cllr Goff found a property name plate in the flytipping but the police have said it is not part of their role to follow this up!
Claygate Road A domestic Fridge was dumped outside the disused yard at the bottom of Gain Hill in Claygate Road, this was again promptly cleared by MBC.

Neighbourhood Watch

There were numerous reports of vehicles driving around offering chain saws, generators, power washers etc. Residents were advised not to be tempted to buy as, although the tools being offered did not appear to be stolen, it was likely they would not be guaranteed and could well be copycat products that would not last as long as the real thing.
A silver people carrier and a white van was seen in Horsmonden, the people carrier having been involved in dog stealing in many areas.  There are at least 2 Irish men involved.  The matter was been reported to the police. (14th May)
Yet another suspicious vehicle was in the area. A white transit van pulled into the yard of a property in Benover  to have a good look around, they drove off but the resident thinks the registration was X575 JJW. (18th May)
Thefts were reported from vehicles parked at Marden and Yalding train stations – reported directly to British Transport Police – vehicle windows smashed and items taken.(June 6th)
A property was burgled in Hampstead Lane Yalding between 26th May and 6th June. A window at the rear of the property was smashed and items stolen, including 2 TVs.
A Cannabis factory was discovered in two metal containers near Hampstead Lane Yalding on Sunday May 31st.
A girl was pestered while walking to Yalding Station, a short coloured man, aged about 20, left his van, ran after her  and grabbed her arm before then driving ahead to wait for her at the station. He kept asking for her phone number. The van was white with burgundy writing which included the word Cook . He drove away when the girl managed to approach someone else at the station.

Car Park /Recreation Ground

All seems OK, disappointingly nobody else came forward to help with the gates closure rota.

School Safety

Cllr Barbara Grandi met with KC Councillor Paulina Stockell, Elaine Hendren Highways Fund Officer, Paul Ryan (CSPS Head), School Governor Ceri Mooney and a representative from FOCSS at the school on the afternoon of  Tuesday June 2nd . We discussed the proposed scheme that Elaine Hendren had produced and were all very grateful to her for the attention she has given to this project.

The agreed measures include:

advisory 20 mph speed limits displayed on white gate-like installations on two of the three approaches to the school; unfortunately Green Lane has such narrow verges it is not thought possible to fit the gates along the edge of the road, but they will put the road signage in with the 20mph limit requested.
triangular school warning signs on posts with flashing amber lights under on all three approaches.
coloured rumble strips on the roadway on all three approaches; the changes in road surface colour and texture will warn driver that the school is just ahead.
pavement widening outside the school which will taper away as it joins the pavement along the front of The Old Vicarage.
It was decided that a roadside barrier at the edge of the pavement where the children exit the school at the end of the day would restrict the pavement width too much for parents with children’s and buggies etc.

Cllr Stockell has given her full support to the proposals and is funding a large proportion of the cost from the KCC Members grant funds, we are all very grateful for her continuing support of the Parish.